NM Circuit Shoot Rules Eddy County Shooting Range

The Complete and Official Rules of the New Mexico Sporting Clays Circuit Option

The New Mexico Sporting Clays Circuit Option allows participants to earn points throughout the year by traveling and competing in designated Circuit Shoots. Points are earned in class and accumulate toward the Year end purse.

Points System

Points are awarded in each class.

•          1st Place = 100 Points

•          2nd Place = 90 Points

•          3rd Place = 80 Points

•          4th Place = 70 Points

•          5th Place = 60 Points

•          6th Place = 50 Points

•          7th Place = 40 Points

•          8th Place = 30 Points

•          9th Place = 20 Points

•          10th Place and below receive 10 Points.


Points are awarded based on a competitor’s finishing position in class. All ties in class earn the same points.  Example: 3-way tie for 2nd Place, 1st gets 100 points, the 3, 2nd place ties, each get 90 points and 3rd place gets 80 points.

Shooters earn Circuit points in their current NSCA class. When a shooter advances (punches) to the next class they will then earn Circuit points in their new (current) class.

Shooters can earn up to 40 Bonus Points by attending all the Circuit Shoots. A shooter’s 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th events will earn 10 bonus points each.

Points will be compiled following each Circuit Shoot and emailed to all participants and each host club. Updated standings should be posted at each participating club.


Entry Fees

$20.00 Circuit Entry Fee

The Circuit Option entry fee is $20.00 per 100 target event. The Circuit Option entry fee will accumulate throughout the season and be paid out at the end of the Circuit Year.

$10.00 Class Option

A Class Option of $10.00 will be offered for each 100 target event and be paid out after each event.

All Circuit Option and Class Option entries must be paid in CASH. The Circuit entry fees are a side option entry in addition to the shoot entry fee of the host club.

Circuit option and Class option stand alone. A person may participate in either option.

 Class Option Payout

Class Option will be paid following each event. Class Option will be paid out 1st place 60% 2nd place 40%. Class Option money stays in class.

Circuit Option Year End Payout

Total Purse = $20.00 per shooter per 100 target event.

•          1st Place = 12% of total purse

•          2nd Place = 11%

•          3rd Place = 11%

•          4th Place = 10%

•          5th Place = 9%

•          6th Place = 8%

•          7th Place = 8%

•          8th Place = 7%

•          9th Place = 7%

•          10th Place = 6%

•          11th Place = 6%

•          12th Place = 5%

For year-end point ties, prize monies for however many places tied will be added together and divided equally between all shooters who are tied.


Year End payout points will be calculated using a shooters top 8 points plus any bonus points.



The 2016 Circuit

March 5, 2016 Del Norte Gun Club

2, 100 Target Events

April 2, 2016 Mesilla Valley Shotgun Sports

2, 100 Target Events

May 28-29, 2016 Eddy County Shooting Range

2, 100 Target Events

June 25-26, 2016 NRA Whittington Center

2, 100 Target Events

July 9-10, 2016 Ponderosa Springs Range

2, 100 Target Events

August 6, 2016 Founders Ranch

2, 100 Target Events

Circuit Option Rules

NSCA classes recognized will be M – E. Hunter class is not eligible for the Year end payout.

Circuit Option must be entered and paid before shooting. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after shooting begins.

New Mexico residency is not required.

New Mexico Sporting Clays Circuit Administration

1. In an effort to eliminate unnecessary operating costs the New Mexico Sporting Clays Circuit will operate financially as a subsidiary of the Eddy County Shooting Range Association Inc.

2. Direction of the Circuit will come by way of a Circuit Advisory Committee made up as follows. The New Mexico NSCA Delegates, Two representatives selected by each host club and two shooters selected from the general shooting participants selected by the majority of the NSCA Delegates and the club representatives.